The quality of our activity will only be obtained if the final product has quality. We believe we achieve this only if we can be present in each and every project and construction stage, throughout the Architectural Project, the Coordination of the Coordenation of the mechanical and electical services and the Works Supervision. Our engagement in all the steps translates into certainty that the plan will be well executed.

We work for recognition of our projects as Architecture development agents and we see Architecture as a necessary commodity, both aesthetically and technically.

We do not segment our market. We seek to work using standard operating procedures, with various kinds of clients and design typology, without harming our professionals’ creativity. We take part in multidisciplinary teams for developing complex projects, such as Hospitals, Industries, Data Processing Centres, Banks, etc.

The final product must be the consensual result of the balance between the application of architectural knowledge and the client’s wishes, aiming at total satisfaction for both parties.